driving sustainability


Moveo Technologies Corporation (dba drvn) aims to be carbon neutral by participating in carbon offset programs, donating to organizations focused on climate change, and greater utilization of EVs and FCEVs. 



Our approach to sustainable business is guided by the following principles: 


Our journey towards sustainability began with a simple commitment to being paperless. Moveo now is focused on: including EVs and FCEVs in our global network of vehicles, zero-waste offices, and support for larger international climate change and carbon neutral projects.


As an international business , we are responsible for our carbon footprint both in the US and abroad. Our involvement in carbon offset programs and other environmental initiatives must extend beyond the reaches of our local community, and into all communities we service (and even ones we don’t).

Continuous Improvement

The environment is not homeostatic, it evolves every day just as we do. We believe, as most indigenous peoples around the world do, that having minimal impact on our planet’s ecosystems is the only path to sustainability. Nonetheless there is always more we can do, and more we can improve. Accordingly we evaluate and monitor our Sustainability Policy, sustainability programs, and sustainability projects on a continual  basis for appropriateness and improvement.


our most important goal

drvn’s primary focus on sustainability is to progressively limit use of fossil fuels throughout our chauffeur network until 100% of our deployed vehicles operate on carbon neutral renewable energy. 


our commitment & scope

This policy applies to Moveo Technologies Corporation (dba drvn), our chauffeur network of vehicles and all our offices. Our employees and our network of chauffeurs are educated and trained to uphold these objectives - constrained only by the budget and resources provided.  Our commitment to environmental betterment and accountability is based upon creating innovative solutions and demonstrating leadership on environmental issues that are important to all our stakeholders. 



  • Become a carbon neutral company certified by Terrapass in 2022
  • Convert our “Administrative” fee to a “Green” fee and donate 100% to the Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Oceana, Sierra Club, Carbon Fund, Cool Effect, and Terrapass in 2022
  • Receive a 90% score or higher from EcoVadis by 2022
  • Achieve ISO 14001 certification by 2022
  • Expand from the US to all global markets we serve, drvn’s chauffeur incentive program to encourage EV and FCEV acquisition


Mario Medina, CEO

April 8th, 2021

Ownership is a sine qua non of sustainable development.

James Wolfensohn

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