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distributed ledger technology (DLT)


A blockchain DLT structure secures all transactional data generated by each ride (or groups of rides). Essentially, this is a tamper-proof list of time-stamped transaction records. DLT ensures accurate reporting, which is vital for all enterprise-level interactions. For example, shared calendar data becomes part of a transaction that is secured into a single chain. It can not be altered or viewed without common credentials shared by the transaction’s shareholders.

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God’s view, a GPS tracking and live manifest


Travel managers need to know the real-time location of their VIPs, executives, stars, customers, or team members. If you have a long daily to-do list of executive car services to coordinate, our platform is customizable (and we do the customization) for conquering that list. Location availability just for you. 

drvn employs moveo’s God’s view - a holistic GPS-driven display (or manifest) of multiple rides in real-time. The GPS engine accurately frames the itinerary and objectives for events, groups, or group-events providing a dynamic decision-making environment that is insanely simple to manage your logistics. 

In short, you’ll always know where your vehicles and passengers are and can make changes at will.

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avoid pain with unified communication


It’s never good when you have no idea where your CEO’s car is. Efficient communication is the hobgoblin of ground transportation. moveo untangles the archaic morass of voice and email dispatch dependence for drvn. An SNS (Single Number System) masks cell numbers and the confidential SMS generates real-time call logs. Initiating and managing drvn’s ground transportation is on-demand, effortless, and 100% secure.

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...and unified billing


drvn uses moveo’s expense reporting - a unique user-interface. Report documentation can be filtered by traveler, date, and reference number. Even better, all parameters are also customizable. Individual and group ride receipts are automatically forwarded to your appropriate department(s). For instance, billing and invoice access can be directed to payables, procurement departments, or any party you designate. 

That’s a lot of Tums you just avoided.

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change is good


Employing moveo’s Change Management System, drvn seamlessly manages fungible schedules and itinerary fluidity. Our booking engine has built-in dynamic switching protocols to account for you and your group’s inevitable schedule changes. Using moveo’s platform, drvn customers have the tools to make infinite changes on the fly, freed from the tethers of phone, fax, email, text, smoke signal, and swearing loudly.

"It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people."

Steve Jobs

platform customization


Our clients and partners come from a diverse set of industries each with unique requirements for managing ground transportation. drvn will configure its core platform to meet individual industry demands, or a customer’s specific implementation needs. This is integrated with your company’s portal and as far as anyone is concerned, is part of the organization’s infrastructure and core IP.

How cool is that? 

All your company’s ground transportation and related stakeholders are located on the pages of your company’s portal, which generates huge efficiencies for inter-departmental communication.

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"Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code."

Unknown Author

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