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black is back

With drvn, you’re never climbing into a malodorous black car again. Nope. We vet every single drvn vehicle and chauffeur with the same exacting standards of excellence. We’re happy to inform you: not all cars make it.

clean, no matter the class

Our vehicles are diamonds. These standards are part of what makes the drvn passenger experience unlike other black car service. And that’s just the start. Once we embrace a vehicle, we meticulously maintain drvn fleet cars to ensure ongoing perfection. First time. Every time. You can count on it.

age matters

Sedans and SUVs are never, ever, older than three years. Vans and Sprinters are never older than five, and coaches - nine. All fleet cars pass stringent regular maintenance checks and are immaculate each and every time you step inside.

fully loaded

From the moment your drvn black car pulls up, you’re treated to old world luxury. Our fleet comfortably accommodates everyone from a single passenger to a group of fifty. No matter the group size, each passenger is pampered like a movie star. Don’t be shy, customize your ride - Wi-Fi, beverages, snacks, or special requests, within reason, are available for a modest charge.

fully customizable

With drvn, you may configure or reserve multiple vehicles for any passenger manifest or itinerary. And on a single passenger reservation? Go ahead. Customize away. That’s what we’re here for. Our vehicles are paired to the drvn tandem of your private chauffeur and your ride specialist who are part of drvn’s 24/7/365 support team.

and fully secure too

All drvn black cars have black exteriors, including armored blindado vehicles, which are also available in certain international markets. Seeking VIP security? Contact us.

frequently answered questions

What vehicles does black car service use?
drvn’s vehicles include but are not limited to sedans, full-sized SUVs, vans, Sprinters, minibuses, and motor coaches. We also offer specialty vehicles such as armored vehicles, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV), stretch limos, and Sprinter limos. All vehicles are late models of elite brands and subject to availability in each market.
Am I allowed to smoke in a drvn black car?
We embrace passengers who require special circumstances while traveling. The drvn team is committed to accommodating travelers with special needs and offer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV), which contain a fold-flat ramp, operated by a trained chauffeur. These vehicles are suited for up to 5 passengers. We also offer full-sized SUVs, vans, and Sprinters that are capable of storing collapsible wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and other special equipment. If you travel with a service animal, no problem. However, please mention all of the above at the time of booking. All reservations regarding special needs must be made by contacting a ride specialist.
How does black car service accommodate travelers with special needs?
The drvn team is committed to assisting travelers with special needs. This includes offering Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV). WAVs contain a fold-flat ramp, that can be operated by a drvn chauffeur. These vehicles accommodate up to 5 passengers. We also offer SUVs, vans, and Sprinters, which can store collapsible wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and other special equipment. If you travel with a service animal, no problem, we can accommodate almost any species. Reservation and arrangements for all special requirements must be made by contacting a drvn ride specialist by email via our contact form or by phone at (888) 960-4442 or (305) 442-4442 for calls outside the U.S. and Canada.
What is a livery service?
A livery service refers to vehicles for hire, which includes limos, but also taxi cabs and other driver-driven or chauffeured vehicles.

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