fly drvn long distance car service is also built for group travel, perfect for this group of castells in Barcelona.

make group travel plans, not war

If you really like hand-to-hand combat, or wading through alligator-infested swamps, definitely go it alone the next time you want to plan a multi-point, large group travel itinerary. And when the fifty-seat coach you reserved is a twelve-seat minibus with no AC, remember: We warned you.

Make it easy.
fly drvn global long distance car service masters group travel. Like riding in this caravan of camels, we'll take you anywhere.

meet the world with fly drvn large group travel

The world may seem small. It’s not. It’s honking big. There are endless opportunities to pursue: Himalayan treks, startups to negotiate with, exotic cultures to explore, restaurants to pig-out in, fun to be had. Private ground transportation solutions - the best alternatives to commercial air travel - have never been so important, and flight so fraught. Now in this new norm, there is fly drvn - city to city travel for groups that makes more sense than short-haul flights.

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fly drvn's scalable car service is built for group travel, like this rugby team playing in front of their luxury bus.

corporate group travel for away teams

A solid alternative air travel program provides a logistics platform for businesses and groups to maximize efficiency and cost. This is much better than banging your head against the wall in an attempt to manage an unorganized, health-oblivious, and ordinary corporate group travel program. Let us do that. Well-managed group travel services are nimbler. With fly drvn, you have access to the tools to optimize agendas and modify itineraries.

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fly drvn's long distance car service for group travel is the most hygenic way to move teams.

clean, calm, and chauffeured group travel

Without the benefit of a flux capacitor, no one really knows what, or how business will be conducted tomorrow, a month from now, or even two years from now. No doubt, the new business order will require intensive reorganization and less congregation with remote work environments on the rise. Cough. Cough. Trade shows, for one, will become more personalized.

Compare drvn vs. airfare in real-time.
fly drvn's long distance car service for business is built for productive corporate group travel.

what does this mean for business group travel?

Smart companies will deploy smaller tactical teams and the good news (such as there is): smaller teams are more effective. Businesses will lay narrow, focused attack plans with cost effective transport options - a disinfected environment configured for productivity and readiness. This is where an executive car service, like fly drvn, our long distance travel for groups, makes a lot of sense.

We got you.
fly drvn's platform and team of ride specialists allows travel managers to maximize group travel, like these two with rocket packs.

fly drvn is here to help

We help companies plan toward an uncertain future: whether a large army, a mid-sized squad, or a tactical team of road warriors. Matters not. We can get your team from point to point for less time and money than a short-haul flight. drvn’s team and technology will plan and transport your next invasion or multi-city sales deployment. No problem.

fly drvn's scalable long distance car service for group travel is the future, like this futuristic luxury motor coach.

the ultimate executive travel for groups

Traveling on the ground in our private vehicles, you arrive secure, safe and sound. As an alternative to air travel, we: are flexible, coordinate with your team, stay hassle-free, and are less expensive. Oh, least you wonder, our world-class chauffeured black car fleet is at your beck and call here, and at your destination. No intervening car rentals and no fun times getting lost. Win, win.

Why spend hours agonizing over your team travel details? fly drvn instead - the best “alternative airline.” It’s what we do.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

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